Covid-19 Response

Midland Missionary Church Sanctuary Worship Services Policies and Procedures for Reopening

Effective May 28, 2020, this document holds true until the Church Board feels it is time to make additional adjustment, either forward or backward.

Expectation of Services

  1.    At this time, the intent of Sanctuary Worship services is to: gather, worship, and then depart.
  2. Please refrain from any additional gathering/visiting at this time, including before and/or after worship
  3. Please use social distancing discretion when getting in & out of your vehicle and approaching and departing from the church building.
  4. Families are encouraged to sit together but observe distancing from other families.
  5. Offering plates will be available at the conclusion of the service at the exit points from the sanctuary.
  6. Prior to the start of service entrance/exit doors will either be propped open or a single greeter will open the door while wearing a mask.
  7. Rear and front side doors from the sanctuary will be propped open for exit at the conclusion of service.
  8. Masks are welcome to be worn at your discretion, however they are not required.
  9. If you are at-risk, unwell, or uncomfortable attending at this time, please remain at home with no judgment. We will continue to stream online and stream over the radio.

MMC Covid-19 Safeguards

  1. Food and drink will not be provided at this time.
  2. Sanitizer stations will be available.
  3. All touchable surfaces will be sanitized before each service.
  4. Hymnals, pew Bibles, pew cards, and pens will not be available at this time.